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Fresh from Stephen’s new sitcom radio show for BBC4 (UK) ‘What does the K stand for’ revolves around his hilarious childhood stories. Expect big laugh-out-loud moments with plenty of heart, irreverence and quirk.

Stephen K Amos has charmed and entertained audiences all over the world with his natural, assured delivery and his honest, original material.

Amos is set to delight in an evening of fun, warmth, big laughs and audience interaction from the master of feel-good comedy. He can find the funny in some of the most unexpected places.

“An eloquent and inherently charming performer, Amos has the distinction of being simply hilarious too. It’s this kind of triple-threat that defines great stand-up comedy and, indeed, makes The Spokesman an A-grade affair. If you’re only out to see one or two shows this festival and you need to be assured of a great night, consider Amos one of your go-to guys. Highly recommended.”

“His material is impeccably crafted, his comic timing skilful and, throughout the show, his delivery remains conversational, amiable and relaxed as he strolls through local and global topics.”
****1/2 Kate Herbert, Herald Sun

  • Show datesDates

    4 Mar – 15 Mar

    18 Mar – 13 Mar

    27 Mar – 20 Apr

    6 May

    14 – 16th May

    New Zealand
    25 Apr – 30 Apr

  • show durationDURATION

    60 minutes

  • show pricePRICE

    $38 – $49

  • show locationLOCATION

    Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney,

  • show artistsARTISTS

    Stephen K Amos


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