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Raise the roof! Marty Putz is back with his unique and bizarre style of comedy. Starring in “Very Weird And Slightly Dangerous” an all ages visual spectacle with flying hamsters, exploding suits, insane inventions and massive marshmallow fights.

High energy and hilarious, described as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Comedy” by the Washington Post, Marty delivers a non stop performance that will have the whole family laughing. Sometimes weird, sometimes slightly dangerous but always entertaining, this one-man show keeps the audience hanging on for dear life both in their seats and sometimes with him on stage!

So put away your PD and get ready for some live action chaos! Oh! And kids be warned: you may be embarrassed by how much fun your parents are having!

“We were thrilled beyond words – in fact, words don’t adequately describe the vibe and the sheer fun that this show brings”**

  • Show datesDates

    27 Mar – 19 Apr

  • show durationDURATION

    Approximately 60 minutes

  • show pricePRICE

    $15 – $28

  • show locationLOCATION


  • show artistsARTISTS

    Marty Putz


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