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Jimmy McGhie Money Sex Love Happiness Adelaide Fringe

The show

Money, Sex, Love, Happiness

Painfully brilliant, pathologically charming and frequently deluded Jimmy McGhie slinks back to Adelaide to debut his first solo show after huge success with Best of the Edinburgh Fest. After performing to great acclaim all over the world, from Mumbai to Munich…Jimmy returns to Adelaide with more soulful and searingly honest stand-up.

Follow the technophobic, sun-worshipping and unnecessarily cantankerous Jimmy from Dubai to Cambodia, as he travels the world performing stand-up, getting in his first fight and realising the perfect storm of delusion his life has become.

As everybody around him pops out babies and leaps up property ladders, Jimmy wanders aimlessly, looking at things and getting annoyed.

“Jimmy McGhie was nothing short of outstanding.” Three Weeks (UK)

“The irritatingly handsome Jimmy McGhie … bounding on stage to deliver a polished, confident set … The only criticism being how necessarily short his set was.” Herald Sun

  • Show datesDates

    10 Feb – 8 Mar

  • show durationDURATION

    60 minutes

  • show pricePRICE

    $18 – $25

  • show locationLOCATION

    Perth, Adelaide

  • show artistsARTISTS

    Jimmy McGhie


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